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Chakrata is a cantonment town in Dehradun District in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

It is situated between the Tons and Yamuna rivers, at an elevation of 7000–7250 feet, 98 km from state capital, Dehradun, it was originally a cantonment of British Indian Army. Due west lies Himachal Pradesh, and due east are Mussoorie (73 km), Garhwal.

The area is known as Jaunsar-Bawar, belonging to the Jaunsari tribe, which still has a marked presence in the surrounding villages. The language spoken is Jaunsari, Hindi, Nepali and English. Due to military contonment area the access of foreigners is restricted.

A cantonment of British Indian Army, was established in 1866 by Colonel Hume of the 55th Regiment, British Indian Army, and the troops and officers first occupied the cantonment in April 1869. In 1901, Chakrata Tahsil was part of the Dehradun district, of United Provinces, with a collective population of 51,101, which consisted of the towns of Chakrata (population 1250) and Kalsi, with a population of 760, which is most known for the rock edict of the Mauryan king Ashoka 2nd century BC, first discovered by John Forest, in 1860. Read More...

Tourist Places in Chakrata

  • Tiger Fall:- 32 Km
  • Deoban:- 29 Km
  • Kanasar:- 33 Km
  • Budher cave & Forest:- 37 Km
  • Ramtal Horticulture Garden:- 2 Km Chilmiry Neck:- 9 Km
  • Shiv Mandir:- 5 Km
  • Lakhamandal :- 74 Km

Weather & Other Places

  • Altitude:- 2,218 meter (7350 Ft)
  • Climate:- Summer Max 23’ C, Min 8’ C
  • Winter Max 12’ C, Min -2’ C
  • Air connections:- The nearest airport is Jolly Grand 108 Km. from
  • Rail connections:- Dehradun is the fermions of the Northern(92 Km)
  • Road connections:- Chakrata is connected by road with Dehradun(92 Km), Mussorie(65 Km), Saharanpur120 Km, Ponta Sahib(App. 75 Km)
  • Rain fall:- 178 cms Per annum
  • Clothing: Winters - Heavy Woolen , Summers - Cotton & Light Woolen
  • Season: April to June and Sept. to Nov.

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